Can Xue, 残雪, 殘雪

Dialogues in Paradise, 天堂的对话, 天堂的對話

Translated Title: Dialogues in Paradise
Year: 1989
Country: United States
Edition: N/A
Publisher: Northwestern University Press
Translator: Ronald R. Janssen and Jian Zhang
Editor: N/A
Designer: William A. Seabright
ISBN: 0-8101-0831-3
Tags: N/A

Dialogues in Paradise includes the following thirteen short stories: "The Gloomy Mood of Ah Mei on a Sunny Day", "Raindrops in the Crevice Between the Tiles", "Soap Bubbles in the Dirty Water", "The Fog", "Hut on the Mountain", "Dream of the Yellow Chrysanthemum", "The Ox", "In the Wilderness", "The Things That Happened to Me in That World", "The Date", "Skylight", "The Instant When the Cuckoo Sings", "Dialogues in Paradise".

Foreword "Can Xue's 'Attacks of Madness' by Ronald R. Janssen.