Gao Xingjian, 高行健, 高行健

Soul Mountain, 灵山, 靈山

Translated Title: Soul Mountain
Year: 2001
Country: United Kingdom
Edition: N/A
Publisher: Flamingo
Translator: Mabel Lee
Editor: N/A
Designer: N/A
ISBN: 0-00-768038-4
Tags: N/A

Cover Image: Gao Xingjian, "Recueillement" 1997 (Ink on paper, 38.5cm x 39cm) and Flip Chalfant/The Image Bank.

Translated Title: A Montanha da Alma
Year: 2002
Country: Portugal
Edition: 2nd
Publisher: Publicações Dom Quixote
Translator: N/A
Editor: N/A
Designer: Atelier Henrique Cayatte
ISBN: 972-20-2240-7
Tags: N/A

Translated from Chinese to French by Noël and Liliane Dutrait. Preface by Noël Dutrait. Translator from French to Portuguese unknown.

Cover is a photography by Céline Yang of a painting by the author Gao Xingjian, titled "Le vol de nuit" (1996?).